Partnership between Link Campus University and Affidaty S.p.A.

Affidaty S.P.A and LINK CAMPUS UNIVERSITY as a result of Article 18 of Law 196/97 and Article 2 of Ministerial Decree 142/98 entered into an agreement as promoters of university training and orientation courses.

How could we not establish a partnership with Link Campus University, the first Italian university to launch an Italian Master in Blockchain and cryptocurrency economics?

This is the first post-graduate course on the subject in the European field, which also provides for payment through the new supports of digital currencies, now widespread as a financial regulation tool. Professor Antonio Maria Rinaldi is the Scientific Coordinator of the Master, which has as its purpose a new approach to the study of the Blockchain, which combines the technical study and the development of programming skills with the application capabilities of the blockchain technology in the fields of security, public administration and intelligence. As Affidaty S.p.A. we are proud of being able to create moments of alternation between study and work by hosting trainees to facilitate them in a deep understanding of the subject and in future choices in the digital work world.

Description of the Master:

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies: terms that are increasingly commonplace, thanks to the succession of news on new scenarios that digital currencies and – above all – the so-called “block chain” are projected into a near future in which ICO (Initial Coin Offering) , Smart Contracts and Fintech-related start-ups will dominate the labor market.

However, the experts of this technology are lacking, destined to have a profound impact on innumerable aspects of our daily life, above all the financial one, but without excluding the medical and productive aspects. To fill this gap, Consulcesi Tech, a hi-tech company specializing in cutting-edge solutions linked to Blockchain, in collaboration with Link Campus University in Rome, will inaugurate a Master in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Economics. In particular, the second part of the course will focus on the technical aspects of the “block chain” and on smart contract programming.